we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

introducing our new value-added line!

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

Inspiration Through Innovation

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Bonamar® Corporation, a leading U.S. seafood company, has partnered with Gateway America to innovate food safety by launching the first nationally marketed line of ES (Extended Safety) crab meat products to the food industry. Gateway America is a Primus Labs Certified Food Safety facility that will be processing Bonamar’s crab meat under USFDA supervision.

Bonamar Teams Up with Bo Jackson

As founder of VEJ Holdings, LLC., Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson has ventured into a new partnership with Florida-based seafood company Bonamar® Corporation to bring the public a new line of appetizers and entrées – Bo Jackson’s Signature Sideliners by Bonamar®...



Bonamar proudly holds its products to rigorous HACCP regulations.  Our  plants are required to follow Bonamar’s strict specifications for packaging under the leadership of our skilled quality control personnel working inside each plant.  Bonamar’s philosophy is, “if it is not perfect, we won’t sell it.”  This high standard is to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with all perishables placed under Bonamar brands.

Our production facilities are state of the art. Several hundred employees around the globe hand pick crab to ensure the highest quality and lowest shell content.  Our facilities operate for up to 12 hours a day for optimum production.  All of our meat is hand picked and organically tested. 

Bonamar’s pasteurized crab processing plants are located primarily in Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. Our fresh blue crab processing plants are located in Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico, where we produce some of the world’s finest fresh crab meat out of fresh water, making it the sweetest meat in the market and the only crab from a fresh water source.


Fresh Blue Crab


Our customers appreciate the superior quality and taste of our fresh, wild-caught blue crab meat from Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Chefs find our product as the perfect choice for incredible dishes. Fresh blue crab meat has a mild aroma and a sweet, succulent, buttery flavor.

Red Swimming Crab


From the tropical waters of China and Vietnam, Bonamar offers Pasteurized Sebastian Premium and Pacific Harbor brands of handpicked red swimming crab with full flavor and  texture. It is available in a variety of presentations and it’s always fresh with a shelf life of over one year. 

Blue Swimming Crab


Hand-picked Blue Swimming crab meat, also known as Portunus Pelagicus, comes from the pristine waters of Southeast Asia, off the coastline of Indonesia. Blue Swimming crab meat is steamed live and pasteurized, providing an extended shelf-life with an exceptional taste. 






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