we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

introducing our new value-added line!

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

Inspiration Through Innovation

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Bonamar® Corporation, a leading U.S. seafood company, has partnered with Gateway America to innovate food safety by launching the first nationally marketed line of ES (Extended Safety) crab meat products to the food industry. Gateway America is a Primus Labs Certified Food Safety facility that will be processing Bonamar’s crab meat under USFDA supervision.

Bonamar Teams Up with Bo Jackson

As founder of VEJ Holdings, LLC., Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson has ventured into a new partnership with Florida-based seafood company Bonamar® Corporation to bring the public a new line of appetizers and entrées – Bo Jackson’s Signature Sideliners by Bonamar®...



Bonamar Corporation was founded in 2003 by Argenis Contreras of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Prior to founding Bonamar, his vision was to pack a brand of crabmeat which was held to the highest level of quality while sustaining the blue crab species in his home country. In 1994, he purchased a fresh blue crab producing plant and began packing hand-picked, fresh Venezuelan blue crab meat for distributors.

After perfecting the Sebastian brand for fresh crab meat, Bonamar officially began operations in Miami, FL in 2003, importing fresh meat from the most reputable packers from Venezuela and Colombia. 

Bonamar successfully diversified its line of species when it started importing and distributing Red Swimming crab meat from Southeast Asia, Blue Swimming crab meat from the Western Rim and Mexican blue/blue swimming crab meat.   In 2013, Bonamar expanded its brands and products with the purchase of certain assets from Crystal Harbor Seafood, LLC. 

Today, we offer a wide array of products that range from Fresh, Pasteurized and Frozen crab meat, along with Natural Mexican shrimp, whole cleaned crabs, soft shell crabs and breaded oysters. Additionally, we recently introduced an extensive value-added product line in alliance with Shaw’s Southern Belle, one of the biggest value-added crab meat producers in the U.S. We take pride in our products and only deliver the best to our customers. We believe there is only one opportunity to make a great first impression.








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