we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

introducing our new value-added line!

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

we produce some of the world's finest crab meat.

Inspiration Through Innovation

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Bonamar® Corporation, a leading U.S. seafood company, has partnered with Gateway America to innovate food safety by launching the first nationally marketed line of ES (Extended Safety) crab meat products to the food industry. Gateway America is a Primus Labs Certified Food Safety facility that will be processing Bonamar’s crab meat under USFDA supervision.

Bonamar Teams Up with Bo Jackson

As founder of VEJ Holdings, LLC., Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson has ventured into a new partnership with Florida-based seafood company Bonamar® Corporation to bring the public a new line of appetizers and entrées – Bo Jackson’s Signature Sideliners by Bonamar®...




Bonamar Corporation is committed to sustainable practices, including the proper management of the blue swimming crabmeat fishery.  As an active member on The National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council, we support and participate in the funding of the blue swimming crab’s survival.

The NFI Crab Council is comprised of representatives from the blue swimming crab industry dedicated to initiating and supporting global implementation of standards and practices designed to enhance fishery and industry management based on sound ecological and economic principles. The Council’s primary goal is to ensure that blue swimming crab populations, the ecosystems they depend on and the communities that rely on the fisheries remain viable, productive and stable now and in the future. The Council works to achieve global industry sustainability through education, advocacy and the integrity of its members.

The NFI Crab Council is seeking to expand its work in developing and funding sustainability initiatives in countries where blue swimming crab is harvested and exported. Currently the Council works with APRI (Indonesian Association of Crab Producers) and PACPI (Philippine Association of Crab Producers, Inc.), Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) and the Thai Crab Product Group (TCPG) to fund development of and work on fisheries improvement plans.

The Council was formed in 2009 and its members represent approximately 80% of the blue swimming crab imported into the U.S. The sole purpose of the Council is to encourage and support efforts to improve blue swimming crab fisheries. The Council funds come from a self-imposed assessment on imports, a generous grant from the Walton Family Foundation and grants from the World Bank.

In addition to directly funding sustainability projects overseen by the in-country producer organizations, the Council supports efforts to phase-out of the harvest of undersized crabs in all producing countries through a voluntary minimum size policy, as well as a voluntary policy to avoid the use of egg bearing female crabs in processing.

Our cohorts in this effort are the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), a well-respected non-governmental organization focused on fisheries improvement. SFP is a leader in working with industry and governments to develop and implement effective fisheries improvement programs. SFP is working with the Council to help guide these sustainability efforts